We know the transition to uni can be both exciting and daunting. So we'll be getting in touch with you to help you get connected.

If you're a new first year student, you can expect a call from Student Connect to organise your half hour appointment with a Student Development Adviser. You'll have your appointment either before or during your first semester.

Your appointment will be an opportunity to discuss why you're here, what you think uni's all about, and helping you set a direction for university and beyond. Meet the team of Advisers.

We welcome appointments with later years and graduate students. You may be referred by someone else, or can self-refer if you would like to see an Adviser. You can contact us online, by phone, or in person to set up an initial or follow-up appointment.

We're really looking forward to meeting with you!

Where can you find us?

We have moved!

The Student Connect reception desk is now located on Level 1 at Stop 1.


Goals, plans, careers. They're all part of setting your direction for uni and beyond. Starting early is the key to success, and we can help you with your plans.

There's a lot you can do at university. There are exciting opportunities and resources, and many different learning pathways you can choose.

The Student Connect program is designed with early career planning in mind. Starting to think about your choices from first year is important to help you feel clearer about your direction and what's important to you.

Together, we will identify employability skills and graduate attributes you will develop during your time at university. These transferable skills are invaluable tools for your career choices and opportunities.

A word from Ben:

When I first started my Bachelor of Science at Melbourne I was studying engineering and was committed to the idea of going on to study mechanical engineering at graduate level.

This supposedly clear path of mine had been based on my own preconceptions of what engineering would be like from material that I had read or seen. I soon felt disengaged and upon reflecting on my first year knew that a change was needed. I had some ideas of the different possibilities I had, but very little direction. I never had someone who could pose the questions to me that I hadn't thought of, such as "What are your passions?"

For me, my passion was nature, the environment and the people who lived there. From this I decided that Geography was the best major for my interests. I have never been more grateful of a change I have made in my student life than that one.

What Student Connect offers is an opportunity to discuss your intended paths with someone who is able to question your assumptions and enable you to think differently about your future. It is an incredibly valuable program which I am able to appreciate through the hindsight I gained from my own experiences here at Melbourne.

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience." - Oliver Wendell Holmes.


What is uni all about? What is expected of you? We can work with you on making the most of your university experience.

Each student has individual strengths and challenges when they come to uni. They also have different experiences and expectations. Your Adviser will explore these with you, as well as discuss your rights and responsibilities as a student at The University of Melbourne.

Hopefully by the end of the appointment, you'll have a better idea of what uni is all about and how to adjust to university life. We hope you'll feel more confident about the years to come.

A word from Caleb:

The transition from high school to university came as a shock to me. My idea of uni life was that of minimal study and maximum relaxation and socialising. But it soon became apparent to me how wrong I was about this. Not having teachers to remind me when assignments were due, and parents taking their foot off the pedal nagging you to do your homework, all study really was up to my own initiative.

After over-indulging in relaxation following Year 12, the transition back to study really was a tough one. Work slowly piled up as I prioritised my time around other things and towards the end of semester, I was bogged down and stressed from the heavy work load and practice hours I had to complete and keep up to.

Student Connect aims to discuss the challenges and expectations of uni life right from the beginning, and help you plan ahead.


Check out your options. Get involved. Talk to people.

You'll get the most out of uni when you're connected.

At the end of an appointment with an Adviser, you will have a small list of Actions to complete. These will come as a result of issues, concerns or follow-ups you will identify together, and these strategies will help you maximise your university experience.

Nobody can do this but you. The University, your family, your friends, and colleagues, will all be here to support, encourage and challenge you along the way. However, the key to a successful university experience is when you take the initiative yourself.

A word from Caleb:

Throughout first year, it was sometimes tough to negotiate my way around campus and I was unsure where to get help for different issues. For example, it wasn't until the middle of second semester that I realised we had study skills aid. The University of Melbourne has a long list of services and facilities that it can be difficult to know which of these best suits your needs.

Student Connect can assist you in choosing what service could best benefit you and will encourage you to be proactive in seeking help when you need it.