Student Connect: it’s all about you!

There's a lot you can do at university. There are exciting opportunities and resources, and many different learning pathways you can choose.

The Student Connect program is designed with early career planning in mind. Starting to think about your choices from first year is important to help you feel clearer about your direction and what's important to you.

Together, we will identify employability skills and graduate attributes you will develop during your time at university. These transferable skills are invaluable tools for your career choices and opportunities.

Over 95% of students who come to our appointments leave feeling motivated, connected and knowing what to do next.

Who can book an appointment?

Undergraduate and graduate students from all year levels.

What happens in an appointment?

During a Student Connect appointment, your adviser will work with you to:

  • make sure you’re connected to the networks and people you need to succeed
  • reflect on the stage you’re at in your learnings and what you want to achieve
  • find experiences you can have to build your skills and knowledge for uni and work
  • work out any challenges you may be facing and how to overcome them
  • put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals, small or large.

How to book

Appointments run for half an hour and are dedicated to talking all about you. To book an appointment:

  1. Log in to book a Stop 1 adviser to create a new booking.
  2. Under 'Select the Booking Type' select 'Skills Development and Experience'
  3. Under 'Select booking type' select 'Student Connect'
  4. Under 'Select the booking format' choose your appointment type (e.g. in person, telephone or virtual)
  5. Follow the prompts to finalise your appointment.

Still not sure?

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